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BASI Level 4 training
Chris Brown

BASI Level 4┬áTraining Course – Ski instructor

BASI Level 4 trainingThe 2014-15 season was to be my 4th ski season, I did my gap year in Canada and taught for a ski school there for 2 more seasons and passed my CSIA level 3. I then missed a year and a half due to knee injury so was anticipating to have dropped a bit of my skiing ability. I decided to book onto the Altitude level 4 training course for two reasons, firstly I wanted to focus on improving my skiing which you can’t necessarily do working full time in a season. Secondly the opportunity to work in the peak weeks whilst training would offset the cost a bit. Verbier was a great resort to train in, it’s a huge ski area with plenty of challenging runs to keep the training fresh. The trainers were awesome and had a huge impact on everybody’s skiing during the season.

If you’ve passed your level 3 and are struggling to make the progress needed to get the the level 4 standard I strongly recommend this course, I had a lot of fun, met loads of great personalities and most importantly progressed my skiing to the extent that I’m considering taking the level 4 exam at the end of next season!

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