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Terms and Conditions


A. All bookings are made with ALTITUDE FUTURES, which is a trading name of ALTITUDE ECOLE DE SKI ET SNOWBOARD (S.A.R.L.)
B. This booking will become the binding contract (“the Contract”) between the Parties only when ALTITUDE FUTURES acknowledges receipt of the booking form and a non refundable registration fee as indicated in clause 2a below.
C. The contract will be subject to these Booking conditions (“the conditions”) and will be governed and construed in accordance with English and Swiss law.


A. To guarantee your place on your chosen Futures course, you will be asked for a deposit of CHF 1000 on booking for all courses. The link to make the payment will be sent to you once the booking form has been competed on our website.

B. BASI 1&2 Instructor Course, BASI 1 & Off-Piste Course & 5 week BASI 1 Course  We ask students to make their first payment at the latest 16 weeks prior to the start of the course and the final remaining payment 12 weeks prior to the start date of your course. If you wish to make one payment in full instead, then we would ask you to make this 16 weeks prior to your course start date.  If you are booking within 12 weeks of the course start date, we will ask for 100% of the course fees to be paid on booking.

C. Level 3 / ISIA & Level 4 Course  We ask students to ensure the full payment is received 16 weeks prior to the start of the course.


A. ALTITUDE FUTURES reserves the right to impose surcharges in respect of cost increases relating to fuel, currency, UK or Swiss government action.
B. ALTITUDE FUTURES will absorb an increase equivalent to 2% of the programme price. If the surcharge exceeds 10% of the programme price, you have the right to cancel and receive a full refund of invoices paid less any amendment or insurance premiums paid.

C. If you decide to pay in full at the time of booking then you are not subject to the above potential price increases.

D. When paying in CHF you will not be subject to any course price increases related to exchange rates.
E. No refunds will be given if currency rates change.
F. The programme price includes all taxes to be paid

4.Cancellation by Altitude Futures

A. ALTITUDE FUTURES reserves the right to cancel any training program. In the highly unlikely event of a training program being cancelled, you will be offered the choice of an alternative arrangement or a full refund of invoices will be paid. ALTITUDE FUTURES will ensure any alternative arrangements offered are at least equivalent to those originally booked.

B. No refund will be payable if ALTITUDE FUTURES is forced to cancel the program due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control and which could have not been foreseen or avoided even if due care had been exercised, including but not limited to war or threat of war, riot, civil unrest or insurrection, strike lockout or other industrial act ion, act of terrorism, act of God, full resort closure, flood, avalanche or any other adverse weather conditions.


A. In event of border closure If the borders are fully closed preventing any form of travel between Switzerland and your home country (or the country you are travelling from), Altitude will offer you a full refund of the training fees as long as we are notified over 7 days in advance of your course commencing.

B.  The training fee for the BASI 1&2 10 week course in Verbier is £4,900, which includes training, exams and lift pass, and the remainder of the fee is accommodation and associated costs. For the ISIA and Level 4 course, this is £1,875. If we are only notified that you are unable to travel to Verbier due to border closure within 7 days of the course commencing, you may be charged some or all of the training fees.

B. In event of resort closure  In case of full resort closure due to COVID in advance of the course commencing, we will also offer a full refund of your training fees. In case of full resort closure once the course has started, the training fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, based on the proportion of the course that was not delivered.

C. Refund for accommodation and additional costs  For the additional fees in the event of border closures or resort closure, Altitude will do it’s best to recover these costs based on the supplier’s own cancellation policy which is outside of Altitude’s control.

The costs returned by suppliers will then be reimbursed directly to our students. We expect this to be a percentage of the fees paid, however we are unable to guarantee any refunds on those costs.

D. In  the event COVID quarantine requirements are introduced 

In the event of Switzerland imposing quarantine restrictions on people arriving in Switzerland from ‘at risk countries’ we will be in touch with students if a new arrival date is recommended to allow quarantine to be undertaken prior to the course commencing.

In the case that quarantine is required we will do our best to make up any missed hours of training later during the course. If the majority of students must participate in the quarantine then the on snow training will resume after the quarantine period has been completed.

The requirement to quarantine being introduced, or a need to be fully vaccinated to travel to resort will not be reason to apply for a course fees refund, as we expect students to be able to make this commitment if necessary, given the length and nature of the course. In this event, our standard refund policy will apply.

E. Choosing not to attend the course If a trainee chooses not to attend the course where COVID restrictions do not actually prevent them from doing so, we will apply our standard refund policy.


A. If you wish to cancel a place on our program or leave prematurely, all deposits and invoices are non- refundable. Altitude advises all participants to take out a cancellation insurance policy. This policy is not included in the course and it is the participant’s responsibility to take out a cancellation insurance policy prior to making any payments for the course. In the event of cancellation Altitude are not liable to pay any refunds.


A. Travel insurance is compulsory for all persons booking onto the ALTITUDE FUTURES programmes.
B. There is no Insurance included in the course fee.
C. Accident and sickness insurance is compulsory for all persons booking onto the ALTITUDE FUTURES programmes.
D. Prior to at tending the course details of your cover must be provided to us and must clearly show that the premium has been paid in full and is current .
E. No monies will be refunded by Altitude in the event of an injury sustained either before, or whilst participating, in the course.


A. Whilst we (ALTITUDE FUTURES) take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents or injury, you acknowledge and agree that some of the t raining you participate in on the programme may carry a risk of accident and injury
B. Subject to clause 3 above, we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage you suffer where any failure to perform or improper performance, is not due to our negligence or that of our employees, agents contractors or suppliers including but not limited to where any such failure or improper performance is attributable, in whole or part, to:

  • You or any member of your party.
  • Any third party unconnected with the provision of the services we have agreed to provide to you, and is not reasonably foreseeable or unavoidable.
  • Any circumstances beyond our reasonable control and which could not be foreseen or avoided even if due care had been exercised, including but not limited to war or threat of war, riot, civil unrest or Insurrection, strike lockout or other industrial action, act of terrorism, act of God, flood, avalanche or any other adverse weather conditions.

C. Subject only to the limitation of liability in clause E below, our liability to you for any loss or damage which you may suffer, whether as a result or failure to perform, or the improper performance of, the services we have agreed to provide to you or otherwise is limited to £5 000 000 for any claims arising from a single event.
D. The availability of facilities advertised cannot be guaranteed as they may depend on local weather conditions or may close due to circumstances beyond our control , including but not limited to public holidays or routine maintenance. In such circumstances we cannot give refunds, but if we are aware of any facilities not available prior to departure we will advise you accordingly.
E. We cannot accept responsibility for any delay, however caused, in your outward or return journeys. We will give no refunds or compensation in relation thereto.


A. While we make every effort to ensure there is no cause for a complaint during the ALTITUDE FUTURES programme it is essential that we are informed as soon as possible, whereby we will investigate any complaint and try and resolve it. If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily during the course please write to us within 28 days of your return home.
B. ALTITUDE FUTURES will only deal with the correspondence from the person on the course, or for minors, his/her parent or legal guardian.


A. It is a condition of any ALTITUDE FUTURES programme that you inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions.


A.ALTITUDE FUTURES students are not allowed to use or be in possession of any unlawful properties or substances. Should any such property or substance be found on any student or in their belongings, ALTITUDE FUTURES have the right to immediately exclude them from the programme and are not responsible for their repatriation and all costs thereof .
B.ALTITUDE FUTURES reserves the right to exclude any student who is acting in a manner that is deemed to be dangerous, inappropriate or damaging to the reputation of the company.
C.ALTITUDE FUTURES reserves the right to exclude any student who is intoxicated.


A. ALTITUDE FUTURES reserves the right to use any photograph film or creative materials taken at any time during the program, for use exclusively In ALTITUDE FUTURES advertising or marketing material , without obtaining further consent from any student .


A. If you are staying in the Altitude Futures accommodation you will be required to pay a damage deposit in advance of attending the course.  The damage deposit is to cover the costs of any damage to furniture, household electronics, furnishings., property or extra cleaning.

B. The accommodation will be professionally cleaned prior to arrival and during the course students will be expected to keep the communal areas and bedrooms clean.  The Chefs will always clean the kitchen after use however, if additional mess is created which prevents the Chef from cooking it is likely to incur additional cleaning charges which will be deducted from the final damage deposit.

C. Even if the chalet is left nice and clean it is very rare that a few hours of professional cleaning is not required. On departure whatever extra cleaning costs that are required will be deducted from the deposit.

C. Each student will receive a chalet rules contract in advance of attending the course which will outline the behavioral expectations for students when living in the chalets together with others.  For the safety and well being of all students, failure to follow these basic rules may lead to eviction from the chalet without any accommodation refund.

D. Any or all of the damage deposit repayments will be made within 3 weeks from the end of the course.



A. Anyone who completes a booking form, to apply to at tend an Altitude course, is agreeing to abide by these aforementioned.