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Ski level
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Required Ski Level

High Pass rates over 22 years

How good do i need to be?

If you’re considering joining our Level 3 or 4 work and train programs the minimum requirement is to have passed the technical level (or equivalent) of the below qualification. If you are looking to join our BASI 1 & 2 Course, you will need to already have some ski experience.

As a general rule, you would need to be able ski confidently linking turns down the fall-line of a red run. You also need willingness to try and improve your skiing in bumps, steeps and powder.

How long should I have been skiing for?

Generally speaking, you need to have about 5 weeks of skiing experience as a minimum, but this can vary from person to person.

We’ve had people join us who’ve been skiing since they were 3 years old, and some who only started recently as an adult. There is no upper ability level for participating in the course.

Still not sure if you’re at the right level?

It’s normal to be a bit nervous about whether your skiing is good enough as joining the course can be a bit commitment, but we’re here to help. If you’re able to send us a video of your skiing we can let you know where we think you’re at.

If you’re coming from the UK we’re also more than happy to meet you over the summer for a ski in one of the snow-domes or dry slopes and give you some one-on-one feedback on your skiing, with a few tips too!

Equipment and Requirements

For the BASI level 1 and 2 course you will need your own skis and boots for the duration of the course and believe us, if you don’t already own your own equipment you will find your skiing comes on in leaps and bounds as soon as you invest in it.

For instructors looking to book onto the level 3 or 4 course we have a few different skis that we would recommend and to make things easier (and cheaper!), every Altitude Futures Gap student will benefit from the Ski instructor pro-deal with Rossignol which offers up to 40% discounts on equipment. You can order your equipment in advance of the course, so it is ready for you when you arrive.

We also have a deal with SunGod based in Verbier, offering discounts of 30% on their range of goggles and sunglasses perfect for your winter on the slopes; they’re a huge hit with all our instructors.

Fitness Level

Fitness for the winter season is something we all struggle with after the summer, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to keep up! You’ll find your fitness improves rapidly during training on the course, but working on this in advance of the course can be a huge advantage.

  • You find it easier to improve your technical skiing and enjoy the course right from the start.
  • Initially focus on improving your cardiovascular fitness and then some specific leg strengthening exercises.
  • Remember to do some stretching as well.

Our course coordinator will be sending out some advice during the preseason months to help you prepare well for the appropriate course.

Accommodation in verbier

Our most popular accommodation choice over the last 22 years with our students has been our private Swiss chalets option.  This allows you to stay with 8-14 other trainee instructors together in a typical Swiss Verbier chalet.