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BASI ISIA Level 3… my first season training in Verbier.

My first season with Altitude (ISIA Level 3 training) by Luke

Having just completed my BASI Level 2 course and spent two and a half months in the mountains I wanted to make the right choice to grow into the role of a ski instructor and carry on improving my skiing and teaching. I loved my level 1 and 2 training and I wanted to learn more.

So what next? I had several options and luckily for me I picked the right one. I chose to join ALTITUDE in Verbier to have my first season as an instructor and be trained at the same time for the BASI Level 3.  The season has been unbelievable and we have had the best snow, since I arrived on December the 2nd.



From the moment I arrived I knew I got it right. I was met and introduced to the Ski school team and we were straight into level 3 training. During the season I have had over 200 hours of instruction with a great group of people. The trainers are awesome! they were patient and experienced and I definitely feel that I have improved in both skiing and teaching. I can honestly say that their enthusiasm for skiing, the mountains, teaching, and having a lot of fun, has sold the winter in the mountains life to me.

I am now at home in the Altitude family. More importantly though, I know I can be a great instructor. They have taught me that everyone learns at different speeds and reacts to different coaching. I love this, as they have really managed to understand what makes me tick and how to best improve my performance.

Below is a photo from one of the best days of the season – One piece decent day (an excuse to dress up and ski round all the bars with all your friends).


During the season I have also had loads of time to improve my teaching. The ski school have been very generous to me with clients and I have had a mixture of children and adults all with different abilities. It is amazing to think that at 19 years old I am getting the responsibility to teach young children how to ski! I love it!  What a buzz to see how they improve from the start to the end of their weeks. Sometimes it was tears and tantrums  but smiles and fun have always won! Watching people enjoy themselves has been awesome.


Ross, Sammy and Harry (our coaches) also took their training responsibilities in pub Mont Fort very seriously. After a large amount of training and practice I now feel very capable of heading to the pub without the trainers and even helping others from the ski school on how best to enjoy the Après/Nights out.

I am working over Easter and then I will have to leave Verbier. Luckily, I have improved enough to head to Austria and do my level 3 exams with BASI. I hope to return to Verbier next season as a Level 3 instructor and continue the mountain life. ( WHICH HE PASSSED BTW – EVEN THOUGH HE WAS INURED – MASSIVE RESPECT!)

Thanks to everyone at Altitude

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Dutch Instructor talks about working and training in Verbier

Dutch Instructor talks about working and training in Verbier

Na 15 jaar te hebben gewerkt als horeca ondernemer was ik het op een gegeven moment zat, ik wilde mijn passie achterna en dat was skiën. Het duurde nog even voordat het mogelijk was de nog bestaande zaken te verkopen maar in 2016 was het zover, ik ging beginnen aan de opleiding van skileraar via BASI bij Altitude in Verbier.

Kate Howard

Kate Howard

After growing up surrounded by enthusiastic skiers and qualifying as a level 2 instructor in the Canadian system, training towards my level three was the obvious next step. After hearing high praises about the altitude ISIA and level 3 training programme from other Canadian qualified Europe based instructors, I didn’t hesitate to book my place, and spend my third ski instructing season in Verbier. Although it is a BASI focussed training programme, the trainers were very open minded and interested in the CSIA system and the type of skiing focuses and objectives that they have.

Caitlin Miller

Caitlin Miller

My level 3 (ISIA) has always been a goal for me since completing my CSIA level 2 in 2013 in Canada. I worked 3 seasons in Canada and then decided to bring it closer to home. Choosing to do the Altitude ISIA course turned out to be the perfect decision for me as it helped me not only transition to the BASI system but also train and make huge improvements in my own skiing bringing me closer to my level 3.