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What do ski instructors do in the summertime?

Probably the most popular question a ski instructor gets asked during the winter is What do you do in the summer?. It is something we hear a lot but the answers you will receive can be quite varied!

Within the team, our instructors work in different roles before heading back for another winter in the snow. Some will literally follow the snow! Our favourite couple Remy, and Martina often head to Chile in the summer months teaching and exploring and many of the rest of the team will head to the southern hemisphere to Australia and New Zealand.

For those that just can’t get enough of Verbier, there is plenty to keep you occupied in the summer –  hiking, biking, water sports on the lake etc and it’s great to see the resort in a new light.

We have another side to our business Altitude Camps and a lot of the instructors use their mountain knowledge and sports coaching experience to teach children attending the summer camp. It’s a great way for the instructors to live in one place year-round, working up to 9 months of the year and having some time in between to relax, travel and of course go home to visit family.

On the other hand, some of the team like to spend the summer back in their home land, catching up with friends and family, and living their “normal life”

Some of the various jobs the instructors have held are as follows:

  • Setting up marquees for weddings
  • Festivals
  • Factory Workers
  • Designing for a food production company
  • Cashier in a bank
  • Managing reservations for Glyndebourne Opera House
  • Farming
  • Cleaning roofs in London
  • Anaesthetist
  • IT expert

As you can see, the list is varied, and it depends on the person and what they would like to do in the summer, but you certainly have many opportunities out there.

For those that stay in Verbier, there are a variety of jobs available such as:

  • Labouring on building sites
  • Biking instructors
  • Paragliding instructors
  • Bar work
  • Working for the Verbier Festival
  • Dog Walking

The world is literally your oyster, you could travel anywhere, work in whatever role you like and still know that the mountain will always be calling come winter-time!

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