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Types of Ski instructor jobs

ski instructor job


If you’re thinking of ski instructing or snowboard instructing as a career, you may be wondering what different types of jobs there are within the industry. Ski instructor jobs come in various forms, and we explore a few of the jobs that we are familiar with here in our resorts in Switzerland.

Full Time Ski Instructor

What most people think of as a ski instructor job in Europe is working full time teaching within a ski school. This can range from working anywhere between 350-550 hours in a 5 month winter season, depending on your qualification, level of experience and client base. You will be teaching clients of all ages, from 2 year old beginners with no maximum age limit, in group courses or private lessons. Depending on your level of qualification and experience will depend on the ability levels you teach, and hours are usually between 08.45 – 16.30 each day, with sometimes mornings, afternoons or full days depending on demand that week.

Part Time Instructor

An instructor job similar to a full time instructor, the only difference is that you will work less hours. This can allow you to focus on training in your free time, or have another job or perhaps undertake distance study at the same time. Work is concentrated in peak holiday weeks as well as other busy weeks of the season. This is how many newly qualified instructors start out, while they gain more experience and build their client base.

Ski Instructor Courses with Peak Week Work

Courses for those who already have their BASI levels 1 and 2 or equivalent are available to work on a structured training course within a ski school and train in the busy weeks. Altitude offer this course in several Swiss resorts across Zermatt, Gstaad and Verbier, and this allows students to build up their teaching hours and train towards their level 3 exams.  If you’re looking for a position like this, the best companies will provide a ski instructor course with a guaranteed job in their ski school during the peak weeks of the season.

Concierge and Instructor Roles

Some chalet or hotel companies combine the role of ski instructor or guide with working as a concierge. More often then not this will involve being in contact with your guests before arrival to arrange anything they require in advance, meeting them on arrival, providing and ski instruction or guiding during the holiday, and being on hand for anything else they require during their stay. For those experienced in customer service as well as a qualified instructor who knows the area well, this can be a great role to combine your areas of expertise.

Ski Instructing with camp monitor role

If you have a passion for working with children in particular, ski instructor jobs combined with working as a camp monitor in the evenings can be a great way to gain some experience. You will usually be working 6 days a week, providing lessons to groups of children during the day and helping to run evening sessions on certain evenings. This role would require lots of energy and enthusiasm keeping kids entertained all day, as well as great group management skills keeping them safe on the slopes.


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