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Covid Cancellation Policy

What is your COVID cancellation policy?

We know that with an ever-changing travel situation due to COVID-19, you may be worried about whether you will be able to travel to Switzerland for the course should travel restrictions be announced.

As such, we have an additional COVID cancellation policy detailed below. For all other cancellations, our standard refund policy applies.

In event of border closures.

If the borders are fully closed preventing any form of travel between Switzerland and your home country (or the country you are travelling from), Altitude will offer you a full refund of the training fees as long as we are notified over 7 days in advance of your course commencing.

The training fee for the BASI 1&2 10 week course in Verbier is £4,900 which includes training, exams and lift pass, and the remainder of the fee is accommodation and associated costs. For the ISIA and Level 4 course, this is £1,875.

If you are unclear what constitutes your training fees, please enquire on booking.

If we are only notified that you are unable to travel to Verbier due to border closure within 7 days of the course commencing, you may be charged some or all of the training fees.

In event of resort closure.

In case of full resort closure due to COVID in advance of the course commencing, we will also offer a full refund of your training fees.

In case of full resort closure once the course has started, the training fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, based on the proportion of the course that was not delivered.

Refund for accommodation and additional costs.

For the additional fees in the event of border closures or resort closure, Altitude will do it’s best to recover these costs, including for accommodation, BASI exams and lift passes, based on the supplier’s own cancellation policy which is outside of Altitude’s control.

The costs returned by suppliers will then be reimbursed directly to our students. We expect this to be a percentage of the fees paid, however we are unable to guarantee any refunds on those costs.

In the event COVID quarantine requirements are introduced.

In the event of Switzerland imposing quarantine restrictions on people arriving in Switzerland from ‘at risk countries’ we will be in touch with students if a new arrival date is recommended to allow quarantine to be undertaken prior to the course commencing.

In the case that quarantine is required we will do our best to make up any missed hours of training later during the course. If the majority of students must participate in the quarantine then the on snow training will resume after the quarantine period has been completed.

The requirement to quarantine being introduced, or a need to be fully vaccinated to travel to resort will not be reason to apply for a course fees refund, as we expect students to be able to make this commitment if necessary, given the length and nature of the course. In this event, our standard refund policy will apply.

Choosing not to attend the course.

If a trainee chooses not to attend the course where COVID restrictions do not actually prevent them from doing so, we will apply our standard refund policy.

What COVID protection measures will be in place to protect students while on the course?

Altitude have a full COVID protection plan in place, which will be reviewed continuously and kept up to date with the current Swiss guidance. This will be sent to you prior to the course commencing, so you are aware of all the requirements, and we ask that all student are amenable in following these rules.

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