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What is the Criteria to pass the BASI Level 3?

How good do I need to be? This is a question often asked when booking the ISIA course at altitude. The benchmark to start a level three course is the level of a basi level 2 skier. Although we understand some skills may need to be brought up to scratch after a break from skills during the off season.

It’s important to highlight the level 3 qualification is completed in modules, meaning a five day course for both technical, teaching qualifications. Others include mountain safety and second discipline.

Your skiing should be a more polished version of your level two standered with  increased performance, often displayed on steeper terrain. A good way to look at it is making a bigger jump on a trampoline, the higher you are going to go. Therefore the more input the bigger the output. It is the coaches and your job to explore these movements whilst still maintaining strong posture and balance and other key skiing fundermentals. 

Check out the below video to understand more about what’s required to pass you BASI level 3 exam.

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