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A typical day on the Gap course

The day always starts with a kick start from the alarm and a carb filled breakfast greeted with a smile from Mau (our chef), the response he receives we think is in English but in reality may just be a series of grunts as we still struggle to cope with the early mornings. Yet after a strong coffee, a large breakfast and a run for the bus we’re rearing to go. We’re greeted by our instructors who help us make our way up the mountain like merry men.

Ski instructor training

When up on the mountain a chaotic warm up Ski instructor course Switzerlandensues and this is when we realise that we might not be as fit as we once hoped. Once split into our groups training begins with our allocated instructors. By having different instructors, teaching methods differ but when combined produce the overall requirements for the BASI exams with a little bit of finesse to finish. To create a strong team atmosphere drills in pairs can be really helpful, especially when partnered with someone to challenge your ability.

After three hours of solid training it’s feeding time at the zoo and more often than not the money saving scheme to bring a packed lunch goes out of the window in replacement for a healthy burger and chips. When walking with your chosen fodder to your seat, one must concentrate on not slipping and sending your food flying…the struggle is real people.

Vebier ski instructor coursesAfternoon lessons review training in the morning and is more about practicing the technical side and getting to grips with terminology needed for the exams. Filming is a crucial part of training as it makes it easier to understand the feedback given from your instructor; this is usually reviewed in the evening meeting which is usually after a quick (and heated) game of darts in the pub.

After a long but fun filled day of training a hot shower is always welcome and a wonderful dinner is greatly enjoyed which is, without fail, on the table for seven o’clock (thanks again to our fabulous chef!!!!).

Phoebe Ingram and Rebecca Duckett

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