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Ligety about New FIS regulations

Ted Ligety is an Olympic Alpine Ski Racer from Salt Lake City, USA.  In this article on his blog (July 2012), he certainly doesn’t sit on the fence when it comes to his opinion on FIS new regulations to change the turn radius of GS skis from >27m to >35m and minimum length from 185cm to 195cm.

Ted is a pro athlete and his opinion is certainly a good one to quote when you will be (no doubt) having a conversation on this subject in the Pub Mont Fort this winter!  The article claims that FIS’ new regulations will increase injuries and reduce the enjoyment of the sport – it will move ski companies away from ski racing as the technology is backward, meaning they have no incentive to use ski racing for R&D for their commercial ranges.

Combined with FIS making sponsorship on goggles difficult, this will drain money from the sport.  It’s a compelling argument and I’d be very interested to see a counter-argument.


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