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GAP course 2013-2014: Teaching

After completing the GAP course, and maintaining our 100% BASI pass rate in our exams, half of us went on to work for Altitude. It started off as a bit of a shock to think that for the whole of the next week we would have a class of children on the mountain to instruct on our own, particularly when we were being given our uniform, but it seemed to come naturally for all of us after all the preparation Altitude had provided us with.

Before half term week started, we were invited to the weekly ski school meeting, for an explanation of the bookings, an introduction of us to the few instructors we didn’t necessarily know, and some words of advice from the ski school director John West too. I found out that I had a class of 6 six year old beginners for a full 7 days, and managed to later secure 3 afternoon private lessons too, and some of us even had full days all week!

First week as a ski instructor

I had a great experience teaching for my first week, and had an amazing time, including a highlight of the presentation of the certificates and prize bags to the kids at the end of the week. I am definitely looking ahead to next year, where although I will be at university, I am very keen to come back and teach more during the peak weeks during my holidays next season! Working with the ski school after the course has been an awesome way to end it for me, and I would recommend the Altitude ski instructor GAP course to anyone either as a gap year experience, or for a break during work.

I think the thing that really stands out with Altitude is that all the instructors get on, and after lessons have finished if you head to Pub Mont Fort you will be surrounded by a sea of blue uniformed friendly fellow instructors, sharing stories about their days and relaxing.

Tom Wilson
Altitude December Gap Course 2013/14

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