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Shadowing and BASI Level 2 Exams

BASI Level 2 exams

Shadowing and BASI Level 2 Exams


The BASI Gap students joined the group lessons with the Altitude instructors so we could learn teaching techniques and gain experience towards our BASI Level 2. We were given three different Altitude instructors to shadow, with groups of varied ages and abilities. Shadowing involves following the instructors whilst they give lessons, learning useful drills and activities and even getting a chance to lead the group. By far the most challenging, yet rewarding, was to shadow the polar bear groups and by the end of the week everyone was sad to say goodbye to the kids! We all learnt a lot and really enjoyed these two weeks.

BASI Level 2 Exam

The BASI level two exam lasted ten days and assessed us on both teaching and technical; central theme, short turns, long turns, steeps, bumps and variables. Despite the nerves we all enjoyed the exam and got on well with Derek (the examiner). Derek taught us a lot and everyone improved during the exam. We were also lucky enough to have Tom Waddington, another ski coach from Verbier, join us for the beginning. It was a productive couple of weeks in which we all made some new friends, skills and experiences!

Alice Gilbert

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