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King James from the ISIA Training Course in Verbier

King James ( King of the BASI ISIA Training Course in Verbier 2017-18)

I previously did my level 1 and 2 course with Altitude Ski School in 2007/2008 and then went on to work for them for 3 seasons as an instructor. This is my second season doing the ISIA Level 3 course.

After a 6 year break I decided to return to Verbier for the 2016/2017 season, during the time out my skiing standard had dropped a little. So when taking the course the first time I set myself a goal of improving my general skiing however in the second season my goal was to complete some of my level 3 exams, by the end of the season.

The great thing about training with Altitude is that it’s a real ski school with the opportunity to actual become a successful instructor (see the below shot with us all in uniform). I felt I was an integral part of the school and was a respected member of the instructor team. The ability to work while training also improved my performance when it came to taking my level 3 Teach exam. In my first season I passed my Mountain safety exam and took my Level 3 teach exam.

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The Training Team

I really enjoyed training and the coaches always succeeded in keeping you motivated during the course. They really help you achieve your personal goals and teach you to train effectively. Which means that when training in your spare time, you can make major improvements. The frequent action plans also helped me concentrate on improving specific weaknesses. They give you frequent indications about your level and give you advice about which exams you are ready to take.

All the trainers where focussed but fun individuals, that want you to become a better skier and pass your exams. My main trainer for both seasons was Ross who was able to get the best out of me on a psychological, physical and technical level.

The one thing that improved my skiing and took it to the next level, was my off season training. I spoke to my trainers in the summer and they set out a weight training plan, to get me started. All the hard work in the gym paid off and I was able to become a much more powerful skier in my second season.

Verbier is a fantastic place to train, work and party but obviously if you want to pass your exams you’ll need to have the right balance.

I recommend you read some of the previous blogs from the Kings and Queens of the course so you understand what to expect and the type of people that succeed on the course.

I would like to thank all my trainers, staff and training buddies at Altitude for a great season. Hope to see you all next year.

Author: James Rodgers (King James)

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