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ISIA training Verbier

After our first week of training on the ISIA course we found ourselves straight into the busy Christmas period, for us this meant the start of work. For some of us this was the first time we had taught since passing our Level 2 so everybody was understandably a mixture of nerves and excitement.

Christmas & New Year teaching

I was teaching Polar Bear level 1, this is the youngest age group and they were first time skiers, this was a very rewarding week seeing these guys go from beginners to being able to control their speed in a wedge. To start with, the children were quite apprehensive about leaving their parents to come skiing with a strange man dressed in blue, but by the end of the week they were very enthusiastic and eager to ski.

What was very useful, I had two people from the gap course who had just taken their level 1 shadowing me, they helped out leading warm-ups and assisting kids with skis.

In other lessons the two Harry’s taught some adults in groups both of which had enjoyable weeks with no hiccups apart from a bathroom absence! Dani did an amazing job setting up the kidsgarden area and helping out with all the Polar Bear lessons. Evie and Adam both taught private lessons and Brooks made the most of the opportunity to go freeskiing. Overall everybody enjoyed the chance to practice their teaching in preparation for exams at the end of the season and we are looking forward to another week of work before going back to training in the quiet weeks of January.

Finally, we got our first real snowstorm of the season covering the town in snow for the New Year.

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Chris Brown

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