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ISIA instructors course

The sessions last week when you were teaching the gappies?
peterOver there last week we had 2 afternoon sessions teaching the gap students. They are just about to take their BASI level 2 exam so it was great to help them out and try and give them some ideas about what the examiners are looking for. We got different groups each day and taught different things so one day we may have had some weaker skiers and then had some stronger ones and it was a great way to do it. It also was a lot of fun teaching a higher level of skier and analysing their skiing. I know it’s what we are all aspiring to do in the future! It was a very enjoyable experience.

Summary of the course so far?
The course so far has been a lot of fun. We have had different trainers from different systems and a lot of variation in the skiing we have done. The group that we have had this season has been very interesting and the dynamic has been great because we are all here to learn and improve but we all know how to have a laugh. There has been a lot of banter throughout the group especially because one of the guys has found love in the office. We have also had a few off snow fitness training sessions which has been very fun and useful and is very important in this sport/career. Overall the course has been great especially because Jon managed to get a tech exam for us all to take at the end of the season which is very soon so we are all getting nervous but hopeful!

Highlights of the course so far for you?
Altitude safety trainingHighlights of the course so far have been the improvements that we have all made in our skiing and also the unreal snow we had at the beginning. I have never seen snow like it in Europe it was unbelievable! Along with taking my mountain safety in the glory snow. We have also had some great race training over in Bruson with our resident Italian racer and that has been amazing fun. The training in general has been brilliant and a real eye opener into skiing. Getting the technical exam sorted as well was another big plus point.


Social scene in Verbier, things you have got up to and the vibe on the course?
549390_10151261610490836_2005606277_nThe social scene in Verbier offers a lot from Pub Mont Fort to Casbah you can have a great time at all the bars in the town. The seasonaire community is very welcoming and a Tuesday night is not a night to be missed! Best night of the season was probably the party thrown by Altitude in the Pub Mont Fort. It was an amazing night with lots of drinking games and a lot of seasonaire’s (in a very messy state). Whether you want a quiet drink playing darts or going out hard this is the place to do it!

The vibe on the course has been insane and we have all enjoyed it massively. We all get a lot of stick for the stupid things we have done on or off the slopes but it’s all in good taste and fun. The great thing about a ISIA course is that everyone has made a decision to make this a career so we all take it seriously when we actually ski if not on the lifts!!!

How was it teaching for Altitude and what did you learn?
Offpiste1Teaching for Altitude has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot (not to mention the uniform is the best in Verbier). We have all had a variety of lessons from beginners to more advanced. We have also had various ages throughout the season. I have learnt that there are so many various ways to get around teaching problems and also the way to teach different ages. One thing is that time keeping is key and is very important along with knowing the resort as I found to my huge distress over half term!!! Overall the experience of the course has been amazing and I would like to thank all involved staff and participants.

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