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Congratulations to ISIA/L4 students!

BASI Level 4 exams Verbier

What a season we have had so far in Verbier! A great team of ski instructors, very motivated staff training all season, and five of our Futures trainees have passed exams over the last couple of weeks. We are very proud to have such a great team!

BASI Level 4 Exams

Congratulations to ski instructor Sam Goodlass for passing his Level 4 Technical exam last week. He has been teaching for Altitude for three seasons and is always up for a good training session! Watch this video of Sam training to get ready for Level 4.

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ISIA/BASI Level 3 Exams

Our Hungarian ski instructor András is addicted to winter sports and mountaineering, he spends all his days off skiing interesting new faces. András has passed his Level 3 Teach, Tech and Mountain Safety this season, an impressive result!

Congratulations to ski instructors Lawrence White and Sega Fairweather for passing their Level 3 Teach and Tech and to our new instructor Harry Walker for passing his Level 3 Tech. Well done!

We are very proud to have such a talented team of instructors and we would like to congratulate all of them on passing their exams.

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