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BASI Level 1 exams – Dec Gap Course

We met the BASI examiners on Sunday evening who gave us some information on how the week would pan out. We were split into two groups and assigned an examiner each.

We were to be taught and assessed on the following categories:

  • Technical; Central theme, Piste short turns and Piste long turns.
  • Teaching; Performance analysis, sessions safety, Enjoyment & understanding and delivery.
  • We would also be assessed on our professionalism throughout the week; the examiners rated us on our ‘commitment and attitude’, appearance, punctuality and organisational skills.

BASI exams schedule

BASI instructor courseA usual day would be starting skiing at 9am with a one hour break for lunch at 12pm. We would then carry on skiing from 1pm to 3pm and have another hour break before we had a 1 or 2 hour lecture in the evening.

During the skiing hours the examiners coached us on central theme, short turns, long turns and teaching techniques. On Tuesday and Thursday we ran our own mock lessons, which the examiners assessed.

In the lectures at 4pm the examiners analysed what we did during that day sometimes using video feedback to show us where we needed to improve. Following the feedback we went on to discuss techniques for both skiing and teaching using the BASI manuals to assist. Typically we would be assigned a short piece of reading each night to complete in our time.

On Friday afternoon as we completed our last run of the day the examiners told us individually if we passed or failed the course. The examiners feedback was soon written up and uploaded to our personal sections on the BASI website.

Michael Charnock and Nick Golden

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