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BASI 2 exams

Verbier BASI 2

The two weeks of BASI level 2 examinations are over for the December GAP students at Altitude and no matter the outcome we all finished with a wealth of knowledge from both our Altitude trainers and the BASI trainers.

BASI level 2 examinations

The first week began with some very intense weather conditions, lots of snow and very cold temperatures; this didn’t stop us from having a great time improving our skills on the mountain. Our BASI trainer Mo was very patient with us and after the first few days we had built great rapport with him.
We spent many of the days working on our Central Theme (the basic skills taught to beginners) and also had the chance to ski in a mixture of variable conditions due to the snowfall.

Powder skiing in Verbier

On Saturday we grabbed our skis and headed up the mountain to enjoy the amazing powder conditions, tackling Mont Gele and a searching high and low for untouched powder. On Sunday we all took the bus to Les Esserts to practice our Central Theme on the green slope. All the GAP students helped each other giving feedback and advice which was great in developing our teaching and skiing skills.
Which brings us to the all-important final week of BASI level 2 training! Everyone was excited Monday morning to get up the mountain and start training and evaluation again. The week went smoothly with great conditions each day, allowing us to try some short and long turns along with bumps and variables. By Friday we all were quite nervous to find out our result, and after his final evaluation Mo spoke to us all individually and gave us the news.

No matter the outcome everyone was in high spirits on Friday afternoon as we made our way to the celebratory drinks with all our Altitude trainers at Pub Mont Fort.

On behalf of all the GAP students I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the team at Altitude Futures, without your help we could not have had such an enjoyable and educational 10 weeks in Verbier!

Tess Boller

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