Ski instructor course verbier

January Gap Course – 8th week

Two things became apparent to me before this week began. First, this experience...
ski teaching in Grindelwald

January Gap Course – Ski Instruction

If i didn't know before, I know now that you need a great deal of patience and energy to be...
Ski instructor course verbier

January Gap Course – 5th week

It's amazing to think we are exactly halfway through this ten week course. During this...
children group ski lessons

January Gap Course – 4th week

After a week of fairly intensive training both physically and mentally for the BASI level one exams...
Verbier Ski Instructor Course

January Gap Course – BASI Exams

This was always going to be a stressful week. The BASI Level one exam requires you to teach one...
Mountain safety course verbier

BASI ISIA Training – Blog 2

After two very productive and lucrative weeks of teaching and ski school related work...
Ski instructor course Verbier

January Gap Course – 2nd week

The week began as the last ended, heavy snowfall and visibility which didn't extend much ...
BASI instructor course

BASI Level 1 exams – Dec Gap Course

We met the BASI examiners on Sunday evening who gave us some information on how...
become ski instructor

January Gap Course – 1st week

Our first week couldn't have worked out better. The night we arrived the snow fell...