Powder day in Verbier…

Friday 8th of february 2013, 945AM, 3022mts
(a story by our Argentinean Ski Coach Federico)

After a week of teaching training, central theme, shorts and longs, the Team was ready for a big day of skiing off-piste. Everybody was wearing fat skis, and back country gear; standing at the summit of Mont Gelé, anxious to ski the powder on one of Verbier’s most famous descents. The snow is the lightest and deepest it has been this season and the sun is shining. This promises to be an amazing day!

I start the transceiver test and give a brief outline of Avalanche safety, trying to call the sensitive side of each one. But my words sound empty. Nobody looks very interested about keeping the adrenaline to the correct level. It´s hard to get them to listen when theirs wills want to run wild. Be safe and Let´s go skiing!!!

We skied mainly on Mont Gelé, and Attelas faces that morning and had great time. The lightest powder of the season, everything was good to be skied or jumped. There were many good lines, drops of rocks ,“FACESHOTS” and most of all: big bails!!!

The best faceshots, were actually the head plantings in the snow….


What a wonderfull day !! Was a pleasure to share with you guys the best day of the season!



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