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BASI ISIA Level 3 training


A new season in a new ski resort has given me the chance to discover Verbier and to make a lot of new friends. The first couple of days I discovered the resort with my ISIA course colleagues and before we realized the ski school formation week took off. This week is known as the kick-off to the winter season for the ski and snowboard school and a great way to meet other instructors and to discover the resort.

Ski school formation week

On Monday we met with Harry, our head coach for the next few months. Harry introduced us to our fellow group members and after a nice chat we went up the mountain for the first training of the season.

On the slope we worked on the development of a good posture and balance by doing different drills, we looked at each other’s teaching performances and we recorded the first video of the season. Video analysis is a very important part of our training course, which allows us to see all the positive and negative technical skills and helps us to develop our personal skiing skills.

During short teaching sessions we could share and develop exerciss instructors use to teach their clients of different levels and we could give each other feedback to develop lesson quality even further.

Off the slope we talked about our weaknesses, what we are looking to develop for our personal improvement and what our goals of the season will be. We also had a special meeting with Sam, who explained to us how to keep skis in optimal condition, which tools are needed for this and how to use these tools. At the end of the formation week Harry gave us some personal feedback and some exercises to work on during the holidays.

Verbier ISIA training group

Our group consists of 9 ski instructors from all over the world and most of us have never been to Verbier before. Half the group lives in the same chalet in the area of Patier, which has been a great way to meet people from different cultures and have a nice skiing family around for the winter season.

I would like to thank our coaches for the great training and their proactive attitude!
Daniela Dz

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