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A blog from the KING of the GAP

Firstly a little bit about me, I'm 28, from Cumbria U.K and have worked in various...
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Season 2013-2014 crashes

Watch the two strong contenders for fall of the 2013-2014 winter season from our Altitude...
king of the ISIA training course

And the King of the Futures is…

At the start of April it’s time to look back at the Futures courses that have taken...
ISIA BASI L3 training Verbier

ISIA training in Verbier

Our last update featured BASI Level 3 mountain safety exams which we are proud...
Verbier ski instructor Dean

Dean Wilson

So finally my ski bubble has been burst returning back to the UK...
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BASI Level 2 – 100% pass rate again!

So finally my ski bubble has been burst returning back to the UK having...
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GAP course 2013-2014 – Blog 6

As the end of the ski season draws ever closer, some of the original course members...
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GAP course 2013-2014 – Blog 5

For the past two weeks during half term we have been shadowing instructors who...
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GAP course 2013-2014: Teaching

After completing the GAP course, and maintaining our 100% BASI pass rate in our exams, half...