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BASI ski intructor course

Firstly a little bit about me, I’m 28, from Cumbria U.K and have worked in various Engineering jobs since I was 17. I promise that was the most boring part of this blog so please read on….

Choosing the ski instructor course

I booked onto the Altitude BASI Gap course as I wanted to have what is normally known as a Career break, for me it was more like a ‘quit your rubbish job and see what happens break’. So I started doing some pretty intensive research into all the options out there and eventually chose Altitude at Verbier for the BASI 1 and BASI 2 ski instructor Gap course. Their course appealed for numerous reasons among them being strong reputation, the course content and I thought their uniforms were far cooler than any others out there (I’m a sucker for blue). But seriously there are so many options to do this kind of course out there now, the choice was very difficult. I can say only that Altitude exceeded my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Ski instructor training

Skiing nearly every day, for 10 weeks is what sticks with me the most. There’s loads of training, of course there is, but you’re skiing in the Swiss Alps so it’s still amazing! My fondest memories are of the lessons and being in our group, everyone in the group becomes a team aiming for the same result. Doesn’t mean to say of course there wasn’t the occasional moment of laughing at someone else’s expense, like any time anyone fell over. But I like to think I contributed more than my fair share of these moments, for the good of the group.

The accommodation

We were well looked after in the Chalet with some top Chalet hosts, the Chalet was perfect for the group being very comfy and in a good location. Mealtimes were always great as we were all eating together, some of the stories and jokes told round that table will stay with me for a long time.

Thanks to Altitude Verbier

So I couldn’t possibly big up everything and everyone else and not mention the Instructors, I won’t name names as I’ll miss someone off unintentionally but all the Instructors were top notch. Really knew their stuff and were seriously down to earth. I think a big bonus about this course was the wide range of Instructors from different Countries holding different qualifications, as a Trainee it was great to pick  skiing techniques up from a variety of cultures.

Oh yeah I am of course very proud to have won the King of the Gap! which just topped off an incredible few months. Not sure who to thank for that really so I’ll just finish on saying that I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have taken part in the course and meet everyone I have met, It was an incredible experience and one I will not forget (that wasn’t meant to rhyme!).

Stephen Lancaster

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