GAP course 2013-2014 – Blog 5

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For the past two weeks during half term we have been shadowing instructors who have been taking group sessions. The experience of shadowing really was so valuable. We had the opportunity to take one or two exercises a day in order to practice our teaching – you learn quickly which exercises are effective in improving their skiing and which ones aren’t!

Ski instructing experience

Also, simply spending so much time with small children was useful – it turns out the threat of having to ski at the back can work wonders in terms of coaxing out good behaviour! I am also now an expert at opening and pouring 5 to 8 hot chocolate sachets in 30 seconds flat! Little things like seeing an instructor organising getting 8 children onto chairlifts with an adult each was so useful to see and experience first hand. Despite the fun and rewarding upsides to this week, after skiing fairly slowly and constantly checking all the brood are in tow we are definitely all looking forward to getting back to training next week and working on our own skiing!

Blog written by: Phoebe Boswall

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