First weeks of BASI training

GAP ski instructor course

The first week of Basi level 1 training was the week where we learnt the most. Ross Murdoch, our ski trainer, taught us that skiing, whilst fun, is far more enjoyable when you are also thinking about improving your technique! After only one week you could see a massive change in everyone’s skiing. We have all learnt so much and are continually learning too. We never realised before how technical a plough could be! We’re not just learning how to ski with a better technique, but also about our ski equipment, mountain safety and first aid skills.

Gap Course students

Everyone in the group gets on well, it’s a diverse group of varied ages, nationalities and personalities. We live together in a spectacular chalet in Verbier and there is never a dull moment! In Verbier there is a definite sense of community, it is unlikely that you will enter the Pub Mont Fort without bumping into a friendly face. Within Altitude it is easy to talk to people and make friends, everyone is so welcoming.

BASI 1 exams

This is not just an exam but also five days during which we learnt a lot about BASI and how they expect us to ski and conduct our selfs as ski instructors. I enjoyed the teaching sessions the most, were we delivered a lesson to one another, this gave us a chance to think outside the box and get creative! The group was assessed on teaching and technical separately, the technical being split into three categories; short turns, long turns and central theme. At the end of the week we all got given feedback letting us know what it is we need to work on in the lead up to level two.


Alice Gilbert


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